Forschungsfelder der SFU Ljubljana

A common feature of the research work in psychotherapy at SFU Ljubljana is it’s focus on the characteristics of psychotherapy, which go beyond the individual psychotherapy school (e.g. psychoanalysis, systemic, integrative psychotherapy, etc.). The research work at SFU Ljubljana focuses on fundamental and applicative research. In the past years, SFU settled for five main research areas:

Different aspects of the process and results of psychotherapeutic treatment are the focus of this research area. There is a special focus on the use of synergetic navigation system (SNS) for monitoring and managing the psychotherapeutic process.

This area covers the research of the process and results of the formation of psychotherapists, with an emphasis on the use of synergetic navigation system (SNS) and/or the role of wakefulness in personal and professional development of the psychotherapists in training.

The aim of the research in this area is to fill in the gap in the existing knowledge and create an overview of psychotherapy in Slovenia.

The basic idea driving research in this area is learning more about the phenomenological characteristics of specific psychological problems, mental disorders and pathologies.

The three main aspects in this area of research are the study of characteristics and role of wakefulness in patients in psychotherapy treatment, the wakefulness of psychotherapists themselves and the wakefulness as a common factor in psychotherapy.