Mapping Approaches to Meditation with Respect to the Type and Intensity of Mental Effort and Other Dimensions


Project description:

With the advent of Mindfulness training programs meditation became a legitimate area of psychological research and a valuable tool in many psychotherapeutic modalities. In the broader area of various approaches to meditation, however, there is a huge variability with regard to what one actually – mentally and physiologically – does when meditating and what is the leading intent behind the practice. To a beginner, trying to choose a suitable approach, this can be quite frustrating. It can also be frustrating to a researcher for not being able to compare studies on different kinds of meditation. The intent of the present research is to map different approaches to meditation and their more specific techniques according to various criteria. These include the chosen object of meditation (its presence, absence, kind etc.), the manipulation of attention (its focusing or dispersing), the use of suggestion and autosuggestion, the control and manipulation of physiological processes and so on. As the final result we envision a publication that could serve as a beginner’s orientation guide as well as a reference to everyone interested in the scientific study of meditation.

SFU coordinator: Dr. Matej Černigoj

 Duration: 1.4.2015-1.9.2016