Research on Psychotherapy Students’ Development


Project description:

SPRISTAD members are conducting a collaborative study of development in psychotherapy trainees over time at many training program worldwide. The principal investigators of the study are Professors David Orlinsky (University of Chicago, USA), Bernhard Strauss (University of Jena, Germany), and Michael Helge Rønnestad (University of Oslo, Norway). The study has been elaborated jointly with colleagues at more than 40 clinical training institutes and universities.The study aims (1) to track progressive changes over time in trainees as therapists, and (2) to identify influences that facilitate or impede trainee development. Systematic information will be gathered on the characteristics of trainees and training programs, focusing particularly on trainees’ experiences in clinical practice and (optionally) in supervision as well.

Project coordinator: Prof. Bernhard Strauss, Prof. David Orlinsky

SFU coordinator: Dr. Anja Kozina

Duration: 2.9.2015 – longitudinalna študija