Forschungsteam der SFU Ljubljana

In SFU Ljubljana there is a research team for psychotherapeutic science led by Miran Možina. The members of the research group are Lia Katarina Kompan Erzar, Miha Černetič, and Anja Kozina. Matej Černigoj, Emil Benedik and Lea Šugman Bohinc joined the research team in the school year 2015/2016, with the aim to strengthen the research work in the field of psychology.

Assessment and orientation in the field of scientific research and professional work at SFU Ljubljana

The analysis of the education profiles of the researchers at SFU showed the leading profile were psychologists, with other relevant profiles included. Most of the staff of the SFU Ljubljana also has a professional psychotherapeutic education. Diversity of the education profiles and qualifications is desirable, because it offers the possibility of team work and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Our students are involved in research work at SFU Ljubljana in several different way. The bachelor and master thesis supervisors are offering research topics the students can choose to work on. The available topics are published on the SFU’s website. The students can also be involved in faculty’s research work as research subjects, which enables them to gain additional experience and insight into the research areas of SFU. Furthermore, some students decide to collaborate with the researches based on their personal interests and individual agreements.

Research in the area of psychotherapeutic science and psychology remains a part of the SFU Ljubljana’s mission and its strategic direction. In the future, it would be important to extend the research potential offered by the international network of higher education institutions in the area of psychotherapeutic science and psychology, working under the auspices of the University of Sigmund Freud in Vienna.