Serious game-based interventions supporting psychotherapeutic treatment of childhood trauma

Virtuelles Interaktives Drama zur Unterstützung psychotherapeutischer Behandlungen von Angststörungen, insbesondere Sozialphobien, bei Jugendlichen

The main goal of this project is to evaluate the efficacy of a serious game in supporting the treatment of childhood trauma. As Bossard et al. argue, it must be demonstrated that skills practised in virtual environments can transfer successfully to the real world before these environments can be widely used as an educational medium (Bossard, Kermarrec, Buche, & Tisseau, 2008, S. 158). While there are studies that show promising results there is still much more research necessary. As the authors argue, in our technological society, people must adapt to frequent change and upheavals. Research education must aim to facilitate the adequate use of knowledge in developing autonomy and adapting in daily life. The question of knowledge transfer in this context is fundamental. In the coming years, educational and professional fields will have to find responses to this end. The project presented here will contribute to this research by striving to prove actual transfer of learning in a psychotherapeutic setting.

This project seeks to explore, build, implement and evaluate a serious game in psychotherapy to support therapists in the task of providing efficient help to youth suffering from childhood trauma by psycho-educative tools. In parallel the project will develop knowledge about serious game challenges, educational design and assessment with the aim of facilitating innovative therapy methods.

Project team Brigitte Sindelar
Mag. Simon Mayr (doctoral thesis)

Collaborative partners
Dipl.Ing.Dr. Paolo Petta
Austrain Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)
of the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies (OSGK)

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