Emotional Vignettes – Women in Leadership Positions

Project description
Qualitative (narrative, biographical) interviews with women about their core emotional dilemmas in leadership positions and how they experience and cope with them. Samples from German and Canadian women, close collaboration with our Torontonian partners. Aim of the qualitative Grounded Theory Analysis is the identification of core dilemmas and coping strategies to present a set of typical problems. On basis of this, a Emotion Focused Coaching will be developed for women in leadership positions.

Funded by the Breuninger Stiftung, Stuttgart /GER.

Project management
Dr. Kathrin Mörtl
Ass.Prof. Alberta Pos

Project team
Hanna Kirnoha (MA)
Hans-Georg Maier (MA)

Collaborative partners
Prof. Leslie Greenberg (York University Toronto)
Ass. Prof. Alberta Pos (York University Toronto)
Prof. Almut Sellschopp (Munich)

Current state

Start of project
March 2011

End of project
July 2015


Mörtl, K., Kirnoha, H., & Pos, A. (2013). Führungs-Positionen von Frauen. Eine qualitativ-empirische Typenbildung zu emotionalen Dilemmata. In: H. Breuninger & A. Sellschopp (Hrsg.): Von der Kunst der guten Führung (S.101-126). Stuttgart: Breuninger Stiftung Eigenverlag

Academic theses
Maier, Hans Georg (2014): Frauen in Familienunternehmen. Eine Systemische Sicht der Dinge (SFU Wien, Master thesis)

Kirnoha, Hanna (2014): Dillemata and role positions of female leaders in family businesses (SFU Wien, Master thesis)

Kirnoha, H., Moertl, K., & Pos, A. (2014). Emotional dilemmata from women in ladership positions in family business. Poster presentation. Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research, Copenhagen, approx. 700 participants.