Rules of good scientific practice

Scientific integrity as well as compliance with the rules of good scientific practice are the highest guiding principles of Sigmund Freud University. In order to guarantee responsible research, the SFU is committed to adhering to the guidelines for good scientific practice of the Austrian Agency for Scientific Integrity.

This requirement goes far beyond simple correct citation and means an all-encompassing approach. Particular emphasis is placed at this point:

  • Sincere and transparent communication among scientists as well as always constructive criticism, which in turn is met with argumentation on all sides. In addition, it is the responsibility of the supervisors of our scientific projects in Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes to teach the rules of good scientific practice and to ensure a scientific environment in which researchers can comply with the rules of good scientific practice.
  • Accurate recording and documentation of procedures are essential for research with integrity. Accompanying this is the obligation to maintain a comprehensible approach to the use of other people’s research, sources and ideas.
  • Transparency is a supporting pillar of scientific integrity. The disclosure of conflicts of interest (e.g. in selection procedures or the review of research projects) is practised throughout. In addition, when funding research projects, all funders associated with that project must also be disclosed.

A complete version of the guideline on good scientific practice is available on the ÖAWI website at: Guidelines : ÖAWI (

The ombudsperson for good scientific practice of SFU is Dr. Markus Brunner: E-Mail.