The publication activities of the SFU’s academic staff reflect the research output of the university.

Chart 1 provides an overview of the publication output and illustrates the development of scientific publications from the academic year 2010/11 up to 2019/20

Development of scientific publications in absolute number from the academic year 2010/11 up to academic year 2019/20 by faculty

The SFU issues two scientific open access online journals which are administered by professional software (OJS-Open Journal System).
In addition, the SFU University Press publishes books in the special fields of study researched at SFU.

The book series Psychotherapiewissenschaft in Forschung, Profession und Kultur is edited by Bernd Rieken and issued by Sigmund Freud University Vienna at Waxmann Publishing. 28 volumes have been published so far.

The SFU has published two textbooks:

100 years after individual psychology was founded, a textbook on the psychotherapeutic method of individual psychology was published in 2011, the first of its kind in forty years. It was written by Bernd Rieken, Brigitte Sindelar and Thomas Stephenson: Rieken, B., Sindelar, B., & Stephenson, T. (2011). Psychoanalytische Individualpsychologie in Theorie und Praxis. Psychotherapie, Pädagogik, Gesellschaft. Wien – New York: Springer.

A fundamental work on psychotherapy research was published on 14 January, 2015 by Omar Gelo, Alfred Pritz and Bernd Rieken: Gelo, O. C., Pritz, A., & Rieken, B. (Hrsg.). (2015). Psychotherapy Research. Foundation, Process and Outcome. Wien New York: Springer.


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