Research at Sigmund Freud Private University is characterised by its unique profile. It has locations in several countries, which provides an ideal foundation for international cooperation. Furthermore, as a focal university, SFU provides the framework for interdisciplinary research across faculties.

In doing so, it is guided by international standards for scientific integrity. With the establishment of a Faculty of Law at the Vienna location, SFU’s research field is now no longer limited to the health fields of medicine, psychology and psychotherapy science, but expands the possibilities for interfaculty and interdisciplinary research. It also offers outpatient research, clinical research and international research at its various locations.

With its location in the heart of Europe, SFU pursues the idea of a European research institution that is active both nationally and internationally. In doing so, we rely on an extensive network as well as far-reaching cooperations. A special feature of our research is also its high relevance to current events, with research being conducted in particular on migration, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The attractiveness of research at SFU Vienna is also reflected in the high number of externally funded research projects. Sponsors of projects at SFU Vienna to date have been, for example, the EU Horizon funding programme financed by the EU, the Austrian Funding Agency for Business-Related Research, Development and Innovation (FFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).